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You could try to go on the Doug Kaufman diet which cuts out sugar etc… My sister went on this diet and a cyst that was supposed to have to be removed by surgery went away on it’s own. She also took some antifungals along with doing the diet. You can probably get information at a health food store.

I myself have take Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg once a day. I found it to be a natural approach to help with fibroids. I too went to the OBGYN because I was having extremely heavy bleeding at times. I did not like anything they suggested. They gave me 3 options: Go on the pill, do a procedure where they burn something and you never have a period again 😯 or get a d and c! I told the doctor that I didn’t like any of his suggestions. So I did a search on the internet and found that Flaxseed Oil might help me. I take one capsule a day and more when I have my period if it is heavy. Things seem to be a lot better for me. I would look into natural remedies before consulting an OBGYN again!

God bless and help you!