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I’m glad your doctor’s office is understanding, that’s so important. My last OBGYN after learning that I do NFP said, “Good luck with that!” in the most sarcastic way possible. After having my 4th miscarriage she told me to wait a few months before trying to get pregnant again and since I wouldnt know where I was in my cycle for weeks and weeks after she recommended me going on BC. I reminded her that I only do NFP and will jsut have to abstain until I was able to chart again and she said, “Well if the Church says you can’t…” once again in the most sarcastic way. I NEVER made another appointment with that doctor.

My new doctor, while not Catholic, is very much a Christian and calls my previous losses babies instead of tissue and she actually gave her condolences after reading my chart. She has the 10 Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer framed in her exams rooms! She completely respects my beliefs as a Catholic. BTW, my previous OBGYN advised against getting pregnant right away and we did abstain, oh, for a couple of weeks but the first time we made love after our 4th loss we conceived and I am now in my 2nd trimester and the baby is doing great 😆 !!