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This may not be much but with my son (who will be 3 in June) we really just try to incorporate prayer into everything. If I know my husband has a big presentation then that day we take time to get on our knees and pray for Daddy. Anytime we see a fire truck/ambulance/police, we pray for those who might be hurt or in trouble. We pray for his boo boos, I encourage him to ask Jesus for forgiveness after he lies to me…there is always an opportunity for a quick prayer and always ending in “the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. He also has his very own picture Bible that is almost comic book style…my only problem with it is that it is a Protestant Bible, my husband’s best friend gave it to him. If we are out for a quick bite to eat and forget to pray, he reminds us and that shows me that prayer is already a part of his young little life. He does have his own set of rosary beads. They are great, very durable and cannot fit over his head. He doesnt pray the rosary with me but likes to hold them like Mommy does. I would recommend getting some kid’s saint books, they are also great for them to look at during Mass without anyone thinking they are being disrespectful. We listen to Christian songs and watch Veggie Tales together, although it isnt a Catholic cartoon, they have wonderful Christian values that children can remember. Hope this helps! May peace be with you, Gina