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Hi Sunnyone, I am so nervous for the day my son brings home a girl…AHHH! I definetely do not think it is too early for the purity topic!! Unfortunately, kids are having sex earlier and earlier. The average age when I was in H.S was about 17. Now it seems to be more like 14…don’t cry! I cannot stress enough the power of Jason Everett’s “pure love” approach. They really do get on their level and help parents understand and help their children with this battle. I encourage you to check out the website and listen to the sound feed of “Romance Without Regret” and see if this is for your family. There is even a whole section about “how to give a chastity talk”. Here is what their homepage says:

The new sexual revolution is here.

Hook-ups, friends with benefits, safe sex, and now safer sex? Our generation found out the hard way that none of it gives us the love we long for.

Romance without regret does exist. But if you want the real thing, be prepared to sacrifice. Only then will you see that the peace and joy that comes from chastity is worth more than all the pleasures of the world.

Within the pages of, you are going to find blunt, honest, and uplifting reasons for why you’re worth waiting for. No fear tactics. No guilt trips. Just the demands of authentic human love.

Peace be with you, Gina