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We have been in counseling with a Christian counselor for the past six months. I called a priest right away that recommended someone who has been prayerful and insightful into the problems in our marriage. My husband comes from a very hurt past so its been such a help to together start to deal with some of his demons.

I have found help through Focus on the Family too. They have a counseling service that lets you call in and speak to someone right away. This was a great immediate help because it was confidential and I knew that I was speaking to someone who knew the importance of my faith during this crisis. I recommend it to anyone who needs to talk to someone but doesn’t have the ready availablity of a counselor.

Thank you for offering to make resources available online. I have felt for sometime the need to create my own forum that could be a confidential support to women facing this issue. Unfortunately I lack the internet skills to create something. Any resources or support would, I believe, be a great comfort for marriages or spouses that are facing this issue.