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Awesome reply MommyRose, I could not agree more! Another important reason to practice ONLY NFP is that the most common forms of contraception are actually abortificants. So it is not only about being open to God’s will while also being responsible, it is also about not ending a newly created life. Especially if you are using the pill. It is not a question of “maybe” you will unknowingly abort a baby it is the question of when. It either has or will happen. Breakthrough ovulation happens quite often and the woman never even knows. The pill’s second line of defense in case ovulation occurs is to make the it impossible for the new embryo to survive along the uterine wall, same thing with the IUD and so many others.
So why hasn’t your OBGYN told you that breakthrough ovulation can and will occur (especially if you are on low-dose BC)?? Because of all the deception and greed in the world for which Saten thrives on. There is a reason why pharmacutical companies are multi-gazillion dollar industries.

Also, only until 1930 did it become acceptable for even Protestants to use contraception. Before 1930 ALL Christians, Catholic and Protestant believed it to be immoral….since the beginning of time! Calvin, Wesley, and even Martin Luther himself had very condemming things to say about those who “make eunichs” of themselves…not my words. So what has changed? Not Catholics! A long time ago I also used the pill and I have to live with the fact that I may have aborted my own children and if I can save anyone from that guilt by speaking up about the lies of BC then thank you God for that opportunity!
There are other alternatives to BC for medical treatment. Many women have used the John Paul VI Institue to help with a variety of women’s health issues, especially becoming a staying pregnant. I urge you to check it out. There are some facilites in certain states that work with Napro Technologies/John Paul VI Institute.