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thank you both for your replies.
i feel in my heart that this i am in the right place, but its hard with the culture of “career women” and daycare being the norm.
i am thinking more and more of NFP but am skeptical of becoming pregnant too soon….we are really having financial hard times, and my husb. has a young daughter from before our marriage that we pay child support for. right now with my PPD i psychologically dont think i could handle another baby for at least a year or two. i am afraid NFP wont work…is it really efffective?? it seems most people i know who use it have 6+kids….not that theres anything wrong with that, just that it makes me wonder if NFP works.

First, I don’t believe that the culture of career women and daycare are the norm. It was the feminist trying to “liberate” women who discouraged staying home and even breastfeeding! So women tried going against everything God and their heart and soul told them was right, they tore themselves away from their babies to go to work. Staying at home and breastfeeding are the right things and the growing trend! Careers are great but not with the wee ones at home. Staying at home with our children will make us less selfish, bring us closer to God and will be far more fulfilling than any other career.

Second, on the NFP note… The reason you see people with 6+ kids who didn’t use birth control is due to the openness in their hearts to God’s will. NFP does require responsiblity and willpower, the only people you will hear of getting pregnant when avoiding pregnancy with NFP are those who were not being responsible. NFP not only works better than any birth control it is also natural with no side effects and most importantly it is God’s will. It is so important that we do NOT use birth control, we cannot truly be in union with God and our spouse if we are using birth control.

One More Soul is a NFP website, go here for articles, resources and links to doctors in your area that support NFP and links to those that teach it:

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