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I am attaching an article from EWTN’s website. This article gives details from these CHILDREN’S books on how they are Anti-Christian and specifically Anti-Catholic. I think it is important for all of you Moms out there to realize we are not talking about the personal choices we have to make in considering whether our children should dress up like witches for Halloween or if they should read Harry Potter… these books go far beyond that!

Vere and Miesel are co-authors of the booklet “Pied Piper of Atheism: Philip Pullman and Children’s Fantasy”…
Vere: …My children would think it hypocritical if I told them it was OK to see the movie, but not to read the books. And they would be right.
…the plot revolves around the supreme blasphemy, namely, that God is a liar and a mortal. It is not appropriate for children to read books in which the heroine is the product of adultery and murder; priests act as professional hit men, torturers and authorize occult experimentation on young children; an ex-nun engages in occult practices and promiscuous behavior, and speaks of it openly with a 12-year-old couple; and the angels who rebel against God are good, while those who fight on God’s side are evil…
Miesel: Furthermore, there’s a great deal of cruelty and gore in the books, not just battles but deliberate murder, sadism, mutilation, suicide, euthanasia and even cannibalism. There are also passages of disturbing sensuality and homosexual angels who are “platonic lovers.”…
Vere: …Christ asks very pointedly in the Gospels: Can a good tree bear rotten fruit? The movie is the fruit of the books and Pullman’s imagination. These are anti-Christian and atheistic at their core. How does one sanitize this from the movie without completely gutting Pullman from his story?

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