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Yea, I would be upset. The thing that gets me is that kids are so incredibly censored now in public schools, you cant talk about anything! I am surprised that a teacher could get away with talking about death in such a disrespectful way. Not doing the morbid more traditional things during Halloween might seem very conservative…but hey, thats me! The teacher’s bad prank example is one of those things that boys are mentally taking notes on and filing it away for later use. Im not saying that I think you should pull your child from the school, I mean there is alot more to consider. The teacher is human and of course prone to mistakes like the rest of us, although if he doesnt think he did anything wrong then I would worry about future inappropriate talks. Maybe set up a private meeting with him to discuss boundary lines, you know, feel him out so that you have a better idea as to what kind of mentor your child really has. I think thats what I would do if there were no Catholic schools in my area and therefore not an option. Let us know what happens! In Christ, Gina