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I do not know (yet) the cost that goes along with having 3+ kids being that I have one child and I am able to stay home with him. You said that you are wanting some brain stimulation along with a second pay check and that is a hard statement for me to understand. Brain stimulation is always out there, you just have to find it. A book club, online debate forum, a playgroup for SAHM of young children, Bible study, various parish organizations, etc.
I cannot believe how fast these 2 yrs have gone by with my son. It would break me up inside to hand over all of the daily blessings God has in store for me via my son, to someone else…but thats just me. Im doing exactly what I always wanted to do for a career and I know that not everyone feels that way.
By consolidating a car loan, one credit card and an installment loan, we are now saving $180 a month that used to be spent on mostly interest. Is there anyway you could do the same? We also do not have cell phones which saves on average $75 a month. I have a”pay go” phone for emergencies. We also dont have cable for cost reasons as well as our personal family values. I am a bargain hunter but yet we still manage to by the good stuff like Charmin, LOL! If all possible financial shortcuts have been made and you are not doing this for vacation money and so forth, but to survive, then all I can say is that I will be praying for you…thats a tough decision to make. Remember though that bills are always gonna be there, no matter what, children are not. Praying for your peace, Gina N.