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I did love “Respect Life” Sunday. DH actually said he wanted to go to Mass with me which made it even better!! If we would have gone to “his” church then I would have missed out, he really blessed me with that.

Your post reminded me of a homily I heard once about how BC is modern day idolatry. Men and women “worship” the convenience the world has to offer. They choose to obey what the world says about what it means to be a responsible parent by “planning” children instead of what God has to say about the matter. God tells us that we cannot serve 2 masters so if one is choosing to use BC, then which master are they really serving, the world or God??? These are not my words, this was the main topic of the homily. I found it to be very interesting. It really goes to show that its not just a “side issue!”

My husband and I planned for all 3 of our babies. Two we are yet to meet but we still know that this was God’s plan and we were open to his will. I have sooo many friends who use BC and they are wonderful Christians and feel that they trully trust God in all areas of their lives, finances, career, even picking out a spouse…but what about family planning?? I love them no differently and just pray for their enlightenment. That was a HUGE prayer for me yesterday. In Christ, Gina N.