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Thanks ladies for the replies. Asher has an allergist appt tomorrow actually. From the time I made the appt (my original post) it took a month to get in. Since making the appt something kind of cool happened. I made quiche!!! Sounds weird I knw, but that night my poor baby had red eyes and his eczema was horrible! The next morning it was broken open! SOOOO, ever since then I have taken egg completely out of his diet and started a food log. Well low and behold, the child now only has very mild eczema, its actually completely gone on his arms!! He never liked scrambled eggs but as we all know so many foods have egg in them. For example, his nutri-grain blueberry Eggo waffles that he had about 2-3 times a week! Now maybe his allergy test will gone up negative for egg allergy, who knows, but he at least has an adversion to egg. This whole thing really makes me question his pediatrition. I think she’s great in all but why did she lead me to beleive that an allergist was unecessary all this time? Why just blow it off at heredity without checking out a few more possibilites first. This whole ordeal just reminds me how important it is to be an advocate for your kids…no matter how crazy someone might make you feel, trust your instincts! I’ll let you know what turns up after the tests!
P.S. We are using a prescription (the one prescibed right before the Elidel) called Triam 5% and I think it is mixed with Eucerin which really does help his skin from over drying in the eczema prone spots, but it cant be used on the face. Also, we only bathe him every other night. Any less than that then he doesnt sleep well I think becasue he works up a little 2 y/o sweat during the day and it clogs his pores! Thx again for the advice!