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Had a few (3) of our children with eczema – they also did outgrow it. I also found that DS’s got worse when I nursed him after I’d eaten peanut butter! Also – it was worse when MY nasal allergies flared up! Definitely an allergy component to it! The nurse at the Dr. back then also pooh-poohed my claim that my eating habits were affecting DS’s eczema. Now, I believe, there are studies to confirm this sort of thing happening!

We had a prescription for Elidel. It really worked for us. I think you’ll be fine as long as you only use it as directed. Use only as much as prescribed. I think they were talking about increased skin cancer risk or something – weren’t they? But what if a person predisposed to skin conditions is also predisposed to skin cancer? I dunno – I think sometimes they don’t trust us parents to just USE OUR BRAINS! 😉

We also used Eucerin. LOVE that stuff. The key is to use it regularly. Don’t just do it it the morning and forget about it. Keep the skin slathered.

Also found that advice about cutting down on the bathing is absolutely true!!! Unless your child is rolling around in the mud – don’t bathe them every day. Dries them out like crazy. I like the bath product call Eczema baby wash (something like that). They have it at WalMart. Comes in a muted green colored bottle. Johnsons may make it – not sure. They also have a cream that’s excellent – but kinda pricey if I remember right.

Keep his nails trimmed very low. If he itches, it’s harder to do damage.

Experiment and see if there are any allergic “triggers” that make the eczema worse. Then eliminate them if you can. Don’t forget about pets?

Hope this helps! Good luck/God bless!

(Mommy to three (of five) previously itchy babies!)