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I have to have a schedule or I can’t get all the things done that I want. Me being up late is a result of not sticking to my schedule.

6 am- wake, prayer and make DH lunch.
6:30-7:30- study and get Kailey ready for school
8 am- take Kailey to school
8:15-9:30- homework and get ready for work
10-2- work
2 pm- pick up Kailey (I study in the valet line for 40 minutes until school lets out.
3 pm- change clothes, play with Kailey
5 pm- start on dinner
6 pm eat
7 pm play time
8 pm- bath time
8:30- bed time for Kailey
9-9:30 tidy up the house
9:30 prayers and bedtime

This is our week day schedule.

Saturday is cleaning and play day
Sunday- mass and ice cream day (we go to Dairy Queen every Sunday after mass)