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Thnks for al of the feeback. Yes, I am happy with the education from the school. However, our public school system is one of the best in the area. In fact, my children may be getting less of an education by sending them to catholic school but I beleive in the values not taught in public school.

After a lot of soul searching I have determined that it is not really the amout of money that is required from those of us attending school that bothers me. It is the fact that all people are not held accountable to the same standards. I’m appaled that in order to be considered a “parishner ” in good standing, the amount I contribute is being tracked since my children attend the school. The children that attend religious education classes are not held to any standards as well as the members for the various other athletic clubs and social groups. I just feel that those that are making the sacrifice already in order to send their children to school that teaches catholic values are being unfairly singled out and forced to contribute when there are no other requirements for others.