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Our prayers will go out for your family.

I’m assuming that you are pleased with the education your children are gettting since you didn’t mention it. I would guess that the most important thing is to be sending your children where God wants them to attend. Maybe the last post is right and you should consider homeschooling. I’m not sure where you are located but here we have a pretty decent sized catholic homeschooling group. There is also a place you can register your kids where they will actually purchase your curriculum for you and pay for lessons, etc. Religious materials aren’t covered.

I recall my parents going thru similar situations but the help was determined by the parish priest. Basically it was hit and miss. If you got him in a good mood (ehich was rare!) you would get more help than other times, determined on a yearly basis. I also know that I went clear through Catholic schools and was not well educated in regards to my faith.

That has to be such a tough situation. We are still deciding but leaning to homeschooling currently. God Bless and May GOD’S WILL be done for you and your family.