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Any possible way you could get him to meet you half way? I know that my husband wasn’t into the NFP thing but I explained to him that its only a week a month and that the peace it would give me in that week of abstinence would be the greatest gift he could give me. He doesn’t understand my perspective on it, but he puts up with it which I see as him meeting me half way. I use a fertility monitor because I had problems taking my temp because my job requires me to travel which means I wake up at different times everyday.

Have hope. Every soul is on their own journey. Your example is priceless and is worth more than any amount of words. My best friend’s father was an atheist and his Catholic wife took the kids alone to Mass for all of their 25 year marriage. He converted six months before he passed away! She always said that she prayed that Mary would “take care of her son and lead him in her time” and she did.