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Im so sorry for your two recent losses. I have also had two miscarriages, my 2nd was actually just in May. I totally understand not wanting to be too hopeful about this pregnancy. I know I will feel the same way the next time we are pregnant. My husbnad and I have actually decided that we arent even going to tell but only a few select people when we do get pregnant. Once we are in the 2nd Tri. then I might be able to take a sigh of relief and share the good news. It was just so hard having friends come up to me and ask how the pregnancy is going or (and this one hurt) “you dont look pregnant at all!”
Do remember this though, this baby, along with the other 2 deserve rejoicing. No matter how short their little lives may be, they are still such wonderful blessings and all of heaven rejoices for the new and innocent little souls that are brought up to glorify Him. God bless you for keeping this pregnancy, I know in your mind there was of course no doubt, but so many other women who’s health would be in jeaopardy would have probably chosen differently and I pray for your courage.
Not even the angels were given the ability to bring forth life…that, God reserved just for us and what a beautiful thing no matter how long that life might last. Be hopeful Mommy, the hand of the Lord is upon you, probably right on your sweet little belly! My prayers are with you and CONGRATULATIONS! Gina