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Not sure what you mean by a “Sacramental wedding?” Marriage is a sacrament, but it sounds like she is planning it outside the Church?

If your daughter is doing her Marriage Preparation classes (Used to be called Pre-Cana – what do they call it now? I forget!) the instructors should be able to give them an idea of how the Mass will be.

Our Priest gave us the “book” that you use to select readings, etc. they have one for funerals, too! 😉 We sat down with the Priest and picked everything out and discussed it. We even went “outside the book” with a Gospel reading that was relevant and was one of our favorites.

Our Church has certain music guidelines, as well.

If you’re talking about helping non-Catholics undestand what is going on…we did a wedding program book. It explained some things, and helped the non-Catholics follow the parts of the Mass more easily.

Hope this helps?