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I run one in our parish and it has both good and bad aspects. The good first; it is a tremendous blessing to those you help. I’ve met new friends, expanded my reach in the church through this ministry. The bad, is I was surrised by the few number of volunteers and then how hard it was to reach people and get volunteers signed up once they did volunteer. A lot of unreturned phone calls and emails which for me is frustrating because I now have 3 little ones 4 and under and time is precious. Then there is the odd……everyone I have spoken with thinks this is a great idea but no one calls to tell me when someone has had a baby! The women feel guilty asking for help I suppose. I’ve just tried to keep my eyes peeled and when I know someone and they deliver I just call the dad and work it through them 🙂 The other thing I ran into is when I first started it I had to make a decision that we were just going to help people in our parish. We have a parish of 1800 families but I started with 12 volunteers. When I first began we had people from neighboring parishes and even other churches calling. I was willing to help myself but not burn up all my resources so we would then be unable to help those in our own parish. It’s a tough call but it is going to be better for you if you outline what will be expected of each volunteer and what the ministry will and will not do.
God Bless you for braving this. Depending on your parish it can be a great blessing! I’l keep you in my prayers.