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I TOTALLY understand wanting to have your kids with you during a mom’s group if you dont know the people who are watching your kids. I am in one mom’s group and its mostly for social interaction for moms as well as the kids and I love it! The group my friend Lori (the original post) is starting is more like a Mommy Bible study/catechism study/reigniting your love for Christ kind of group that will help us to be better followers of Christ, wives and mothers. Although I love having my 2 y/o son with me during Mass, I feel like I miss out on alot and cannot focus. So this will be a time when us moms can focus and stregthen ourselves without having to pick up thrown cheerios off of the kneeler and keep them from coloring in the missal….Im sure you ALL know what Im talking about!
Of course the only people who will be watching the kids are people we know from our own parish which of course helps. I love talking about our Lord, learning about the church and recommiting my faith and I feel like I HAVE to take that time out for myself, for my soul, so that I can correctly answer ALL of the questions my son, future children, and people in my community will throw my way when questioning the Catholic faith. I hate it when a Protestant friend asks me a question and I cant fully debate my stance. My hope is to help others to see the truth in our faith. So yea, if you have NO idea who is watching your child or where they come from….yikes! But I think we moms deserve that bit of time just devoted to the Lord and learning more about our beautiful faith!
Now for my MOPS story! My first and ONLY time attending a MOPS event was when my son was about a year old. My husband’s co-workers wife heads it up and she invited me. She assured me that the women in the nursery were sweet church-goin grandmothers with plenty of experience. Well when I picked up my son upstairs, his diaper was on BACKWARDS! Yea, plenty of experience?? It was not only that (although that was plenty for me) that made me not return. Im sure it was just this group and maybe its not always like this but the women were so “catty” and gossipy. I couldnt stand feeling like I was in high school all over again. Also, my time is precious and if Im going to spend 2 hours away from my son Im definetely not going to waste it by making some silly craft for 45 minutes! Maybe thats just me. Dont get me wrong, I love to scrapbook, but not while my son is being watched by people who cant diaper! I felt like an outsider when after we opened the event with prayer, I blessed myself with the sign of the cross….needless to say Im sure I was the only Catholic, oh well.
I think its always smart to trust your instincts as you all are doing. Even if this new Catholic mom’s group’s caregivers make me uneasy for any reason, I’ll find a family member of friend to watch him. I never want to say to myself “if only I would have….”
Im so happy we have so many wonderful mommies in this group, talk about refreshing! Kudos ladies! Many blessings, Gina N.