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I totally know where you are coming from. When I first decided to be in Familia my son was just over a year old. I told them I wasn’t going to take part in Familia if he couldn’t be with me at all times. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in another room (even though we can see in the other room) because he was young, had never been left before and I didn’t know the woman (at that point) who were going to be watching him all that well. Everyone in the group decided it was fine if you needed to have your children with you, or if they wanted to be in the other room. It is however a group for mothers with children. I do think the little play room is a good idea though. Some children like being in there (especially the older ones) to play, watch a movie, or eat snacks. If they need to come out and be with their mom, that’s fine. In Familia though, there is quiet time, praying, etc and with children running ALL over, or maybe you having to keep a constant eye on your older ones, maybe be a bit disruptive and nobody would get anything out of it. I think nothing should be set in stone, it needs to be flexible. Andrea