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I think I’m going to agree with AshersMomma on this….I too am a convert…before becoming Catholic I belonged to an independant Bible church. I learned alot there and met some wonderful Christians that love the Lord. I too miss alot of the music and the small groups…but I have found something even better….the church that Christ founded. 😀

I understand the need to have a group of women to support you in your spiritual growth, I would just offer the caution that it is likely at least some of them are interested in bringing you to their church and not so much in your growth as a Catholic. I don’t think this is malicious at all…they honestly believe that Catholics are wrong in some key areas and the further you are from particularly “Catholic” doctrines the closer you are to Christ. (baptism of babies, Real Prescence, and veneration of Saints, especially our Blessed Mother come first to mind)

However, you may be a great example to them that Catholics are in fact brothers and sisters in Christ. :)
You’ll be in my prayers. :)