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Dear Blessed3x,
I’d encourage you to figure out why you are questioning yourself. Chances are there is a real reason. While, there’s nothing wrong with studying the scripture and having friends who are not Catholic, I know from experience that more times than not, Protestant bible studies end up having a point of view contrary to our own Catholic faith. It is hard – I know – to find “Catholic” bible studies or church involvement where it’s feasible with little ones, especially here in the south. A priest friend of my family’s told me something once that I have remembered over and over, especially when I’m trying to make the right decision about something. He said, “Your faith never stays the same, it either gets stronger or weaker every day and it’s up to you to make it stronger.” Really, it’s simple, is this something that is making your faith stronger or weaker and is it allowing you to help your family’s faith grow stronger or weaker.
Take care,