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wow! I did not realize, you guys are awesome.
I know I offered up my nausea on the 1st trimester from my last baby and my actual pregnancy. I was on 2 different med’s which didn’t seem to help but by the time the doctor was about to prescribe a different kind I said, you know what I’ll just stop taking these med’s and will just offer it up.
For my 2nd trimester I had terrible head pounding headaches which I also offered up, but this time they did not last as long as I thought, so by 5 months I was alright.
Now as I slowly enter my 3rd trimester I’ve been feeling the baby is sitting very low to the point it hurts towards he bottom. I’ve been using maternity belts and undies to help support the weight during the day and also offering it up to God and just hoping for a healthy baby.
I must say I did great from my first baby, but I guess age does matter too and our body’s elasticity is not the same but our children are precious gifts God gives us.