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I would be concerned about anyone being put on the pill even for medical reasons. There are other things a person can do.

Here is an article that may be helpful:

The Pill: Questions and Answers
by Sara Fox Peterson

The following questions are answered by Mary Martin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr. Martin is an OB/GYN.

Q: Is there ever a medical reason for using the Birth Control Pill?

There is always an alternative which may uncover the problem which caused the gynecologic disorder for which the pill was prescribed. There is always a reason why women don’t ovulate normally, have intermenstrual bleeding, have pain or infertility. To prescribe the pill for these symptoms may delay or prevent a diagnosis.

Q: Is it true that the Birth Control Pill’s third action is to abort if a baby is conceived?

Oral contraceptive pill (OCP) package inserts and the Physicians Desk Reference are two widely available sources which say explicitly that one of the mechanisms of action is to prevent implantation. When the potential abortifacient effect is argued, it is the definition of when life begins which is in dispute. Physicians who consider themselves pro-life may continue to prescribe OCP’s with the argument that ovulation is prevented or that life does not begin until implantation, but studies have shown that ovulation occurs far more often now on low dose pills than the ones first introduced in 1960. And the definition of life beginning at implantation allows the manufacturers of IUDs (Intrauterine Device), emergency contraceptives (“Morning afterâ€