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I’m torn on this subject. I do enjoy watching the TLC shows about them, and have vistited their website. I don’t really think that their family looks like this all the time ( off camera). When they were working on their house, they were all helping out, but they were in their best matching clothes, and all of the girls had that long hair flowing. I think some “work clothes”, and some hair ties would have been in use if the cameras weren’t rolling!

Also, everything seems way too organized and staged, even down to the childrens responses and actions. Although it is nice to have help from the older children, and having an older sibling ‘in charge’ of another for morning care, etc., it does seem a bit odd to have hardly any time for that child after only a few months.

They do seem to enjoy their lifestyle, and each other, and the Lord.

I never heard anything about their tax exempt status…..

To each his own , I guess. ❓