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I guess I can’t complain – if anything, perhaps my husband has some room to do so about me. You see, I’m married to a crazy neat freak – obsessive compulsive actually. This, to me is stressful because after a long day at home with 2 little ones, I don’t get much done and if the house is out of order, it stresses my DH out which in turn stresses me out. Of course.. when I do have honey do’s for him, he is good with the procrastination. It usually involves mounting something on the wall for me or something. So, after I ask him, remind him, I then remind him that I don’t want to be labelled as a nag because I hate that – I then usually wait until I see him decide to sit and watch TV, then in front of him (without acting like it), I start pulling out the screws, step stool, etc. myself. This usually hurts his pride and perhaps grunts but gets up. That usually works. If I don’t do that, I try and think of something he needs/wants me to do – mend something of his, etc. – sit by him and do it and make the comment, “sorry for not doing this sooner – I know you’ve been wanting it done” Now I have my foundation for reminding him a little later in the day about what I needed. This ALWAYS works!