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My husband was the same way, he was definitely not used to doing things around the house!! But over time its gotten easier. I get as much done during the week as possible, then on the weekend we both clean the house while my parents spend time with the kids. And i’m not gonna lie, he stinks at cleaning the house! But I really try to praise any effort he makes and gently correct him when he doesn’t do things quite right. Its hard, I can be a little too critical of him because its frustrating to me that he can’t seem to these things right all the time, and sometimes I have to go back and do it again. But I really try not to because any help is better than no help! And the poor guy really was never taught to do this stuff, so he doesn’t have the experience I have. It must be so frustrating to him to see me struggling to get all these things done, and he truly does want to help but he feels helpless sometimes because I tend to just kind of trudge on and do it all myself for the saking of it being done “right,” which is often, in all honesty, simply my way and not necessarily the correct way. I try to have us switch off jobs every week, like one week I”ll do the bathrooms and the next week I’ll have him do them, that way I know they’re getting “mom clean” at least every other week. I’m also getting my 2 year old to “help” mama so that when he’s a little older he can really help me. He loves to dust, and he has his own mop and broom (they have them at toys r us) for when i do the floors. He really gets into it, and often he really does help me!

This might help you when your husband wants to help but you feel like he should just know what to do. I keep a dry erase board on the fridge with the week’s/day’s undone tasks. I am very list-oriented, otherwise nothing gets done. So if he wants a task, I say just check the board. LIke right now it says, “bathrooms…pick up upstairs…clean laundrey room” or something like that. So if he looks at that he knows what there is to be done. WE’ve just started doing this, and so far so good!