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While it is hard, just keep up he example as others have said. I know you may get discouraged. It is hard when we rely on our DH’s to be the strong one and then you find you’re having to be the strong one. I heard a talk for women one time and the priest made the comment, “if all women were like the women at the cross…” I think about that often because even when the men fled from harm’s way (except John), the women stayed. Just know, your prayers won’t go unnoticed. Jesus does change hearts and that’s what your after with the DH – any reasosn are just an cop-out.
I feel for you and am proud of you for going without him. I have my own various battles with my DH – know a lot of us do and you’re not alone. Besides, your example has far more affect than you may EVER know but know it does affect your DH. I’m sure of it. The Cure d’Ars (St. John Vianny) has a wonderful story where he stopped a woman in the confessional line, spoke to her and told her not to be dismayed about her husband’s apparent suicide because as he was falling (off a bridge I think) he asked God for forgiveness. St. John Vianny told her that every night when she would say her prayers to the statue of Our Lady in her bedroom that even though she didn’t know it, her husband was saying the prayers with her.
So… you never know…

God bless,