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That’s good advice about the cry room, I didn’t think of that but now that you mention it I could see how letting them explore in there would be rewarding bad behavior in mass. We were able to have my parents watch the kids this morning, I think we’re going to try to take the kids to mass again next week. We discovered our cry room (its very discreet! we’ve been going to our parish for weeks and just found it) so that will help. I just hope its sound proof….

We took the kids to our marriage validation, and it wasn’t too bad. Zack ran around a lot, but we were the only ones there and he kind of won over the priest when he looked at the altar and said, “JESUS!!” It was funny, because I can’t imagine where he got that from. I didn’t think he quite understood what the altar is. So after that he really wasn’t going to care if Zack was running around a bit. But that’s not going to fly at mass.