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God bless you! Along with the advice to talk to a priest, confess to a priest, I would also encourage you to begin to go to Eucharistic adoration whenever possible — once a week if you can swing it. Pour out your heart to the Lord, and ask Him to direct your steps. Start wherever He shows you to start. Ask Him for the grace to forgive your abusers. Forgiveness does NOT mean that their wrongs don’t matter. Forgiveness does mean that God gives you the grace to be free from the wrongs done against you, so you don’t have to drag them around with you any longer in your heart. Ask God for the grace to feel His love for you, and for the grace to trust Him. Ask for the help of the saints in heaven, your gaurdian angel, and especially the Blessed Mother. They are all so ready to help you.

Be prepared for days, weeks, months, years of God’s grace healing you. It is what He desires. But He understands us completely, and He knows how much we can handle at once. He is kind, and He honors your needs.