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St. Philomena is the Saint I picked this past Easter. It was a very difficult choice, it took me forever! I literally finalized my choice two days before Easter Vigil. In the end I picked her because she spoke volumes to me. She fascinated me. The fact that she is the only Saint in the church to be made a Saint based solely off of the wonders and miracles performed by her. I have a very special devotion to her and believe very strongly in her power of intercession. When my husband graduated this past May and started the job search, I prayed a private Novena to her asking for her to help him from the best job as quickly as possible because I knew the longer it took him to find a job the more he would start to stress about it. Within 2 days of graduation he had received a job offer from a small Catholic company with a starting salary of about 12 thousand more then he had hoped to get. :o)