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I’m sorry to hear of your depression Lynn. I really can’t imagine how it would be because I’ve never had to go through it, severly. I agree with the sleep – I’m a person who requires a lot of sleep. I can’t function without a lot of it – and you don’t want to be around me either.

When you used your midwife, did you have a homebirth, hospital, or birthing center? I agree with you and why c sections are the way they are. Plus everyone wanting to have a lawsuit drawn up – Doctors can’t even afford their malpractice insurance. I’ve heard of that in many different cases. I try to educate people about birthing, but it seems like too many people think that just because someone tells them so, that’s the way it is. I’m looked at as a crazy person putting my child in danger. I’m glad you were able to have a vbac and you will probably be able to have many more. I just thank God I’m a healthy person, and I’m able to delivery naturally without complications. So far! I’ve been very lucky to not have medical issues. I try to take care of myself, but sometimes that doesn’t always make a difference. I’m going to be doing a water birth with my next baby – I’m anxious for it. I wanted to do it with the first, but didn’t want to get in the pool once it was time. I was afraid he’d suck back inside me – warped brain from pushing! *laugh* Andrea