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I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to babies. My mom’s last baby was eleven pounds. I laugh to myself when people tell me they couldn’t believe I delivered Landen (8 lb 12 oz). I got a baby making, momma delivering body! *laugh* I was very lucky to have my mom at my delivery – she’s delivered lots of babies and I’m looking very forward to having the next. However I was told later that the other midwife that was with my mom would have sent me in and I would have had a section. Unfortnately my little guys head was turned a bit and it took a lot of pushing to get him out. I didn’t notice, I was sleeping in between contractions but he was perfect once he came. I think lots of first time moms are not educated, you need to investigate EVERYTHING before you do it. I could honestly go into a huge long discussion when it comes to birthing. I’ve really tried to educate myself on both sides of the fence. I think being in the hospital and sections can be okay if it’s necessary. It’s not though and your tricked into thinking it is. I’d write more but landen just woke. He likes to be on the computer if I am. Andrea