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I feel for you – really. Sometimes I can be a little judgemental about people jumping for medicine (something I really try to work on). PPD is really horrible for some, but I think your OB needs to get her head on straight just giving you the meds without questions. My family wasn’t big into medications for everything they hand out anymore- a long story! So I think that’s another reason I’m the way I am. I really struggle with finding a Dr. I want someone that is moral and I trust – lets just say I haven’t found that person yet. well I have but they won’t take more people. I had my son at home and completely trust the midwives *laugh* One being my mom! Anyway – I didn’t get PPD at all, but about the third day after I had my son, and for about a week I felt depressed and really in the dumps. I knew it would happen from what I have heard about the hormone fluctuations. My mom really helped me through it as well as my hubby. I think too (I could be totally wrong though) having two little ones and being home all the time can make you depressed sometimes anyway. I felt like that being home this winter, sick from being pregnant and NOTHING TO DO. I started doing more – getting active in things that I could do with my little guy. La Leche League (I’ve been in it for awhile though), Familia (a wonderful church group for woman of children), the library, and trying to get to know other mom’s that have similar values and beliefs. It’s helped to get together – I’m SO not a winter person and with my family being a little ways away I couldn’t always just go there when I wanted. Do you have things you are active in? I’m not trying to belittle what your going through – I know feeling like that is horrible – there is light and your in my prayers. Andrea (Sorry I kind of got side tracked here.)

Well I have to attribute my ppd to being uneducated and being c sectioned for no reason. They gave me the good ole “baby is too big” I laugh at people when they tell me that. A womans body was meant to have baby’s. Only few are really truly to small to have a baby. My second child I got myself a midwife and I will never go back to an ob again. I had a success full vbac with my second. Way better! I attribute a lot to the c section. I know they are not only bad for the child in terms of complications and what not I think they are emotionally disturbing to the mother. Especially when she is the last to see her baby. The last to hold it. It is really hard. I will never let an ob touch me again. Midwifes have been delivering baby’s sine the beginning of time. I truly believe women should deliver baby’s not men. A man has no place telling a woman how to feel about her pregnancy or delivery because he cant even do that himself. That is just my opinion. I had a distant cousin just a few days ago deliver a 11lb boy in her bath tub at home via midwife. I am totally for home birth. I am considering trying it the third time around. I have also looked into birthing centers but we don’t have any nice ones around here. And what better then being able to sleep in your own bed after you have a baby? When we had our first we we’re very young and nobody really tells you much about ppd. When you have it you tend to feel ashamed of the way you feel. That is great you mom is such a big help! I wish my mom gave to cents about my feelings! I pray for her… :)