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I don’t really have a comment on this. I know what you mean about anti- depressants. Working as an RN it seemed like a lot of people were just put on them, to be put on them. Didn’t try counseling, or working through their problems. I don’t like drugs for remedies unless it’s really a need. I know there is a good arguement either way though. Your in my prayers and hold in there. Everyone gets angry – you just need to make sure you learn to control it. I get angry – more so when I’m pregnant. =( Sad, but true.

I agree after I had my second my ob put me on them after I said I think i might have ppd. Didnt ask me one question just wrote me the script. so sad. I think I got what I could out of them. It did lift the dark clouds to where I could function. Now I think I have found better ways of coping. Prayer really helps. I was never really taught what to do with my anger as a child. I grew up pretty much in an emotionless family. I think talking does work way better then actual medicine. I pray for everyone who’s going through depression it is so hard. You sometimes can’t see the light at the other end. I finally can see mine and I’m praying I get there soon! I have been working on walking away. For me if things aren’t perfect (and their usually not esp with two young ones) that tends to freak me out. Thanks for the prayers! 😀