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This might be a shocker to some but I wear a 2 piece swimsuit 😯 ! I am a very conservative woman but when I am at the pool, it’s for a reason. If I walk to the consession I do put a cover up on but when Asher is playing in the kiddie pool with his friends, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to put the reclining lounge chair (its aloud) in the water with him and relax while getting a little color…sunscreen on my face though, dont want wrinkles! This might relect (as I’m sure most will think) my age (27) but I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. Now, if I get stretch marks after the one I’m carrying, a 2 piece will probably be a thing of the past! :roll:

In everday life I try not to let my breasts show which isnt much of a problem for me since I am small chested. But my jeans fit and all of my shirts are fitted…not tight. If my husband and I go out for a nice dinner, I might wear a dress that goes above the knees with some high heels…he’s a leg man and rarely gets to see me dressed up anymore and I want to please him and keep his his eyes glued to me. It’s nice to hear a “Wow” when you come out of the bedroom from getting ready. I’m not sure I would get that response from him if the dress were baggier and didnt make me look beautiful in form and figure. I wish I could post a pic for you from one of our date nights so that you can have a better understanding as to what Im talking about. Church attire might be a tad different from “date night” attire, there might be a few more inches on the dress but I generally wear slacks with a nice sweater or short sleeve top.

With all that taken into account, I also dont want to be the cause for another man’s lust…that is why I feel I have found a happy medium. No matter what I wear, it could never compare to the clothes I see other women in, I’m pretty sure the other men would be looking at them and not even noticing me. I mean, why look at me when there is always another woman in the room that probably has her areola about to show or has gone “Britney Spears”! Which reminds me, my husband was on a plane last year with a bunch of guys from work and in a came a woman trying to catch her flight at the last minute in a red low necked dress and her nipple had popped out! No one else would tell the “poor girl” except for my honorable hubby! She quickly tucked it away and turned about as red as her dress…God knows I never want to worry about being that girl.