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One thing that really stuck with me from the book that I mentioned before was the way St. Padre Pio regarded the issue of modesty in women, particularly:

1. That he refused a woman absolution until she quit selling ladies’ pantsuits in her boutique. She had to dispose of them in a way that they wouldn’t end up being worn.

2. He refused confession to immodestly dressed women – meaning their skirts had to be at least 8 inches below their knees, their tights couldn’t be see-through (do they even sell tights like that anymore for adults?!), there arms were covered, and their shirts were not low cut. They actually started hanging a sign outside the church saying something along the lines of, “padre pio will not see ladies for confessional without proper attire, and borrowing someone’s skirt once inside doesn’t count” because the priests were embarrassed by the fuss it was causing.

Those points really stuck with me as I was thinking about this post. Just thought I’d share 😀