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I understand what your saying about not wearing the flip flops to wedding’s, funerals, etc. I can totally see that- I wouldn’t do it. I will leave my beachy flip flops for home and out and about. My heeled ones that look dressy for church. I agree too that the church is based on tradition, not what’s fashionable at the moment. God doesn’t care. I guess I should say I do have more of a problem with vanity than immodesty, and need to work on both. I don’t have to have the designer things, but I like to look like I have some style. Where do you draw the line? I grew up with hand be downs, and thrift hand store clothes. I have no problem with this and love a good find, but I also love to shop for cute things too – that are within a reasonable price. Is it being vain spending too much money on things? Truthfully I’m not one of those people that go out and spend even $20 on a shirt. I guess I need black and white lines! I’m more about comfort and being able to get around with a toddler then anything anymore. And of course being pregnant it limits you on things you can wear. I don’t like to wear those big shirts that make you look like a box though. Maybe I’m just too in the mindset of how I’m looking then what really matters?? I’m talking about in general dressing, not just to church.
Ugh! Lately I’ve been finding all these things that I thought were okay that I’m not doing so well on. Not that it’s a bad thing, I think it’s always good to strive to be a better person – it’s just kind of overwhelming right now.