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I think I need to be a little better with how I dress. Sometimes my shirts are a bit too tight, but being pregnant and then not pregnant really messes your wardrobe up. Your boobs are huge at one point being your nursing, then weaning. Ahhh! I don’t want to go buy a whole wardrobe depending on my size at the moment – and sense I’ve gotten married it’s REALLY changed. =) I’m going to read that book – I try to keep my eyes open. I do have a question – what is wrong with wearing flip flops to church? I never wear them in a bad way – but I wear them with khaki’s or black pants, never like I’m going to the beach. Some flip flops are more dressy than others. I was just wondering. Andrea

I really think its case-by-case with the flip-flops, and other things as well. I have some cutesie ones that would be dressy enough for church, but I have other ones that are kinda grubby. I like ballet flats, they’re comfy, easy to run in when your toddler takes off, and still dressy. And you can find some pretty cheap!

I think more than immodesty, I have a hard time with vanity. I like to look pretty, and I have a hard time finding the line between making myself look respectable and obsessing over how i look. I really struggle with that.

Flip flops in my opinion are for the beach or whatever not for church they just aren’t respectful you wouldn’t wear them to a funeral or a wedding so why wear them to church? ballet flats are different then flip flops. your feet aren’t hanging out all over the place. I admit I’m sure I have worn them once before I knew better. When your going to church you aren’t going to be dressy or to have vanity you are going to serve God. God doesn’t care what you look like or how much make up you have on or what kind of bag you are carrying. None of that will matter when you have eternal life with him. In my opinion (take it or leave it not trying to be rude) flip flops are for leisure not for church. You are going to church for Jesus, not for yourself. Your grandma wouldn’t of worn flip flops to church any day of the week. Tradition is what you should be worried about. Not fashion. The catholic church is based on tradition.