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I think I need to be a little better with how I dress. Sometimes my shirts are a bit too tight, but being pregnant and then not pregnant really messes your wardrobe up. Your boobs are huge at one point being your nursing, then weaning. Ahhh! I don’t want to go buy a whole wardrobe depending on my size at the moment – and sense I’ve gotten married it’s REALLY changed. =) I’m going to read that book – I try to keep my eyes open. I do have a question – what is wrong with wearing flip flops to church? I never wear them in a bad way – but I wear them with khaki’s or black pants, never like I’m going to the beach. Some flip flops are more dressy than others. I was just wondering. Andrea

I really think its case-by-case with the flip-flops, and other things as well. I have some cutesie ones that would be dressy enough for church, but I have other ones that are kinda grubby. I like ballet flats, they’re comfy, easy to run in when your toddler takes off, and still dressy. And you can find some pretty cheap!

I think more than immodesty, I have a hard time with vanity. I like to look pretty, and I have a hard time finding the line between making myself look respectable and obsessing over how i look. I really struggle with that.