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On a side note…

This is actually an issue that was part of why I hesitated in learning more about and eventually joining the catholic faith. I would go to mass, and everywhere you look are girls dressed like they’re ready to go clubbing! 😮 In the baptist church I formerly attended, they had a strict dress code. It seemed odd to me that the one true church would be filled with immodestly dressed ladies. Its sad, because its mostly younger ladies who dress this way. I don’t think they understand what they’re doing.

A REALLY great book I just finished this evening is called Dressing with Dignity by Colleen Hammond. Definitely worth checking out! You don’t have to be plain and frumpy to be modestly dressed. Look at statues of our blessed mother – she is so beautiful! Colleen has on her website several online shops that sell modest clothing.

To answer the original question, I try to dress modestly. Its a little difficult right now because, primarily, my idea of modesty has changed dramatically, and also I still haven’t dropped all of my weight from my last pregnancy, so my shirts are too tight. Many of the tops I considered a staple in my wardrobe before I wouldn’t touch anymore. I also am going to try to get rid of my pants and *hopefully* dress only in skirts and dresses. Colleen’s book includes a portion on why wearing pants are immodest. She gives a very compelling argument, but its going to be hard to give up my jeans!! And I can’t exactly go out and buy a whole new wardrobe so it will have to be a gradual change. But I love the challenge of finding quality items at a low price so it’ll be fun 😀