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Just thought I’d mention that in my experience, many c-sections are done because of our high litigation society and not so much for the convenience of doctors although unfortunately convenience is sometimes a factor. (I work in a birthing center) I have had babies both ways and agree that a vaginal delivery is a much better experience. I had my 2nd baby by c-section due to
a prolapsed cord and tried to VBAC my third baby. I carried him more than 2 weeks past his due date, labored for 31 hours and couldn’t push him out. Connor weighed 9-7, had a giant head and the cord wrapped around his body and neck multiple times. I tried again with my next and went into labor on my due date that time and got to complete in only 12 hours but couldn’t push him out. Charlie weighed 9-13. Most people are much more successful with VBACs than I was. Unfortunatley in the past 5 years or so there is a trend in smaller hospitals and birthing centers to not allow VBACs. This is a result of insurance companies refusing to insure hospitals that allow women to VBAC. It is very sad because the risk of uterine rupture is so tiny. I have seen women who have had 4 or 5 successful VBACs have to schedule c-sections because of this. Very sad, but it’s the way things are.