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The old “you’re too small” to birth vaginally response always kills me. I think alot of doctors say that just sot hat they can schedule births. I am 5’6 and 125 lbs (I of course gained weight when I was pregnant) and I gave birth to a 9 lb 5 oz baby who was 22.5 in tall…… I delivered vaginally. My son suffered from a subarachnoid (sp?) hemmorage on the brain, too small to see on CT scans. The hemmorage they said usually only occurs in first time moms (not stretched out enough yet!) and those delivering large boys. He had small seizures, not ones that made him convulse, just a little eye twitch and his blood/oxygen levels would drop. He spent a week in the NICU and was put on phenabarbitol to control the seizures until the hemmorage healed. SCARY first week of his little life. THANKFULLY, our little man is 2 now and is actually at a 3 year old developmental level…SO SMART!!!! So although I do think alot of doctors advise C-SEC way too often, there are those few times that they may be right. I always wonder if Asher would have had to go through all that if only my Dr. would have told me to have a C-SEC. Ive done enough research now to learn that I shouldnt have to worry about the same thing happening to my 2nd since things arent as “small” as they used to be….hubby might disagree, hehe! Thats just my experience, thought Id get it out there. My sister just had a very successful VBAC this month, not one problem, perfect birth experience! Gina