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I agree reading is the best thing you can do. Women need to remember that doctors are just that. They make mistakes and sometimes run their job like a business. Csections are easier and they make more money. They are able to schedule it meaning no middle of the night delivery and it makes the baby come out way faster so they can get on to their next customer. I also had a midwife and doula. I will never go to an obgyn again. I also agree with the vaginal over csection ANY day of the week. My vbac also made it a lot easier in my opinion to breastfeed and it made the bonding a totally different thing. It is very empowering to birth a baby. Thats what god made womens bodies for. Babies weren’t meant to be pulled out of a mother who has been cut open and then not be able to be with her and feed after birth. There are situations where a csection does save a baby’s life and is necessary and I think thats great. I know the csection rate isn’t due to that though.