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I’m sorry Aimee, that’s a really stinky reason to be pushed into a section!! *hugs*

I had a section due to “prolapsed cord,” even though my water hadn’t broken yet 😕 So I’m not sure what was really going, but the baby’s heart rate was dipping and I had a healthy baby boy.

My VBAC was an AMAZING experience, I would encourage every woman to at least give it a go with a good doctor or midwife and a lot of information under their belts. I had a wonderful doula, who was also my Bradley instructor and dear friend, and the bradley classes themselves were wonderful. I went into labor naturally and had the baby on my due date, a nice healthy 9 pounder. He was nice and ready to be born, I really don’t think my first son was as he came 3 weeks early. So that was a big plus of the VBAC. I did a lot of laboring before the big day, I guess its pretty common in VBACs. So that helped, I guess my labor was a bit shorter than it might have been had I not sort of done some work ahead of time. Labor was great after I signed the AMA and got in the shower to labor, next time I will DEFINITELY labor in a tub!! I had to sign the AMA b/c they had me hooked to the monitors constantly, and I was not handling laying still well. They had to break my water when I was complete, and soon after I had strong urges to push and 45 minutes after that began Gabriel was here!

I’d definitely encourage women, like I said, to at least give it a try. I remember saying right after the baby was born that I’d go through natural labor and birth 10 times over than go through one cesarean section again! My heart breaks for moms who can’t birth as God intended, its an incredible sacrifice for your children to go through surgery to bring them into the world.