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Zack just learned the sign of the cross this past Sunday, it was soo sweet 😀 He knows parts of other prayers too. He has a little plastic rosary. I told him that when he learns the Our Father and the Hail Mary and if he takes good care of his plastic rosary I’d get him a “big boy” rosary. I’m thinking maybe for his third birthday. He’s got this great video called “Holy Baby” that has different prayers on it in 7 different languages, he loves it.

oh speaking of kids videos my kids have a rosary video prays the rosary and they love it after a few times they can pray right along with it and BEG me to let them pray LOL

What video is it? Its really hard to find Catholic videos for kids so I’m always keeping my eyes out for them. Zackie has the “Rosary for Kids” video that we ordered from EWTN. It has this little angel guy in PJ’s narrating. Its pretty good, but I think it sugarcoats a lot of the sorrowful mysteries more than is necessary. But its a good teaching tool for his age.

He just learned the Hail Mary, I can’t believe it. Too cute. You can only understand about every other word though! We were walking around Target the other day, and he was sitting in the cart saying the Hail Mary over and over.