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Just to let you know, when they say that the marriage will be blessed, it’s essentially getting married all over again, but in the church and your marriage will be valid. It’s also called a convalidation.

My husband and I had to do this when he was going through RCIA. We had to have our marriage convalidated before he could be baptized and confirmed at East Vigil.

It was right in time with our tenth wedding anniversary and since our first “wedding” was so humble, we made more of a party out of it. We had a few people over after the ceremony for a small party. I actually got to buy a real dress this time around (since I had the TIME for it all) and my husband wore a tux. What made it extra special was that our two older kids (the youngest wasn’t conceived yet) were a part of the ceremony as ring bearer/best man and flower girl/maid of honor. It was so precious to us.