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If with your next baby, you still have problems with breastfeeding, you could look into a milk-bank or even a wetnurse. It sounds weird, but obviously since we have a word for a woman who nurses a baby not her own, there must be historically sound reasons for this service. I read an article from New Zealand a few months ago, that talked about this idea, and the idea of milk-banks. There are more ‘political’ and insurance problems with milk banks because of the small risk of transmitting disease, but the milk can be treated. Perhaps you could start looking around or cultivating friends who might be willing to share their breastmilk with your next baby. I know that I have a few friends that I would be willing to do that with.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing anymore. I know my father in law had one when he was a baby as his mom just didnt want to feed him. that is interesting that it is still avaliable i would just make sure you give the lady some blood tests first. just to make sure she isnt transmitting something to your baby! better safe then sorry.